Poets Past and Present Collide at Mission Bay Park

I collected some of my favorite poems from poets of the past and present, some contemporary authors which have visited my school SDSU such as Marilyn Chin and David Tomas Martinez who have done readings and visited my graduate classes. The themes of these poems encompass different perspectives on humanity, race, class, gender and religious topics unique to each poet. My goal was to portray a diverse array of poetry/poets and place them side by side– out in the open for all to see and experience. In some of these pictures you can see a few people passing by and quietly reading the poems. My hope is that maybe one or two of these poems intrigued or inspired a passerby and invited them to reflect on something from their inner world today.

100_2666 100_2667 100_2668 100_2669 100_2670 100_2671 100_2672 100_2673 100_2674 100_2675 100_2676 100_2677 100_2678 100_2679 100_2680 100_2681 100_2682 100_2683 100_2684 100_2685 100_2686  100_2688 100_2689 100_2690 100_2691 100_2692 100_2693 100_2694 100_2695 100_2696 100_2697 100_2698 100_2699 100_2700 100_2701


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