I love not man less but nature… less???

One recent point of contemplation for me has been,

Who are we?

When I say we, I’m referring to my so-called generation of  Millennials. It seems so often we are defined in articles all over the web and elsewhere, by word-of-mouth hasty generalizations, making us into some hopeless robots standing for:          nothing much.

We are depicted as children who grew up with screens in front of our faces– or at least by the time we hit middle school. We are often cast as individuals who have turned to this new cyber world, gone into hiding, remaining unapproachable behind it.

It is suggested at times that we are lonely, anti-social, immature, inarticulate, (at least in verbal communication, if not also in writing, a result of over-abbreviations and lingo born from AIM and texting, as a redefining of language as we know it)  having been shaped by technology that our preceding generations developed.

But, then, there is the occasional post or conversation that hints at Millennials having a slightly more admirable identity…

There is a conversation of this generation being more open and inclusive than those who have come before, one that eventually leaves prejudice, racism, gender stereotypes to be things of the past, one that is redefining roles in society and breaking down barriers.

Are we individuals who are paving the way for social, societal and global change? Can we be?

A current goal of mine is to attempt to answer this question, to find out

What is it that defines us? What is it that we do love?

I would like to suggest that we are a compassionate generation with limitless potential and love for fellow humanity, regardless of our many perceived differences.

More to come…

to be continued.


-Alyssabeth Knerr

An Obligatory (yet warm) Hello

Upon settling in sunny San Diego, just over a month ago now, I willingly hurled myself into a new world of beginnings. Lucky for me, I’ve chosen the endearing “America’s Kindest City” as my new home.

While I must admit it's no great feat to get used to the swaying palms, the perpetual perfect temperatures and the people who are equally as warm, having the courage to tear up your roots, carry them across the country-quick enough to replant them, is a move not everyone has the moxy to attempt.

In five arduous and beautiful days we set sail on the interstate from sunrise to sunset, leaving nothing but dust behind us. A dear friend and I started out heading West from Richmond, passing through Nashville, Arkansas, Oklahoma City, Texas, Albuquerque, the Grand Canyon and eventually arriving here in San Diego, having tackled time zones, angry truckers, wild cows down the WRONG road to the Grand Canyon.

Undoubtedly, the best decision of my life thus far, I know moving to California holds many more adventures and opportunities. Both new to California and new to WordPress, this is just to say: Hello. =)

The purpose of this blog for me is to post content that is important to me, that I hope will resonate with others as well, to embrace creativity in a new way and to just connect with other writers out in the big wide web.

So, Hello, and Welcome!

-Alyssabeth Knerr