Major updates coming soon: Endlyss Adventure

It’s been awhile–again. If you are here, you may have already noticed the site title change from “akanecdotes” to “Endlyssadventure”!

Before I go into detail about my plans for revamping this site, here’s a little background, in case you are just passin’ through:

This blog started off a few years ago as a side project, musings of an East Coast turned West Coast girl, as I began my grad school journey.

Just over three and a half years since the inception of this blog, I’ve graduated with my MFA, moved across the country (again), gotten married, traveled through Europe, founded a literary press, began my first post-grad teaching position and camped hundreds of times (to name a few developments). I always planned to document more of my travels, here, but found myself consumed in graduate studies, teaching, and my manuscript (still a work in progress).

So, needless to say this blog is in more than in need of a little TLC! 

Allow me to announce some long awaited and fun changes to this site!


This blog will feature travel, both domestic and abroad, with a focus on camping and hiking. I will include travel narratives from the last few years, along with practical advice, and useful gear that has helped to make our camping experiences the most enjoyable!