Major updates coming soon: Endlyss Adventure

It’s been awhile–again. If you are here, you may have already noticed the site title change from “akanecdotes” to “Endlyssadventure”!

Before I go into detail about my plans for revamping this site, here’s a little background, in case you are just passin’ through:

This blog started off a few years ago as a side project, musings of an East Coast turned West Coast girl, as I began my grad school journey.

Just over three and a half years since the inception of this blog, I’ve graduated with my MFA, moved across the country (again), gotten married, traveled through Europe, founded a literary press, began my first post-grad teaching position and camped hundreds of times (to name a few developments). I always planned to document more of my travels, here, but found myself consumed in graduate studies, teaching, and my manuscript (still a work in progress).

So, needless to say this blog is in more than in need of a little TLC! 

Allow me to announce some long awaited and fun changes to this site!


This blog will feature travel, both domestic and abroad, with a focus on camping and hiking. I will include travel narratives from the last few years, along with practical advice, and useful gear that has helped to make our camping experiences the most enjoyable!



Coming soon: my 3 week National Park road trip adventure (a series)

I’m back from my trip and ready to share it. It will most likely take a series of posts to fully document. Drafting now!



For those of you who don’t know, this summer is the National Park Centennial (the date is actually August, but I will be on the move in JUNE)! How exciting! What a better way to celebrate than a road trip to a bunch of state parks in the Western U.S. ?! I’m so thrilled to say that I’ll be traveling for close to three weeks, taking in the natural beauty, hiking, camping pretty much the whole way (save 1 or 2 nights). I will most definitely blog about each place. Take off is in just 35 days and I could not be more ecstatic! This will undoubtedly be one of the coolest things I’ve done, to date. I can’t wait to share the experience with you all ! Stay posted for a more detailed post about the places on my list. Road trip 2016, here we come!