New post(s) in the works: The Story I’ve Been Needing to Tell for a Year…

I have one really long draft that I’m committed to be publishing in the next few days! It will either be one longer post, or a series of posts, depending on how I decide to organize it.

For now, it is a whole lot of thought and feeling with little structure, but promise!

Right now some of the main ideas are: new beginnings, “The California dream”, graduate school, becoming a slight workaholic in order to make said new beginning work and also to low-key distract oneself from stressful and tragic life events.

So, You Want to Conquer the World…

There’s no denying it’s always been a dream of yours, since you sat near the fire in your grandfather’s living room, spinning the globe in your tiny fingers, as he told stories of the ancients: of war, of peace, of colonization, of culture. Wide-eyed and curious, you began to yearn to venture past the places you’d been raised.

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It’s been a while since I’ve set aside some time to make a post longer than a few sentences.

You could say in the past month or so I’ve had a lot going on…

I have a draft of a longer post that should be ready to publish sometime in the next 24-48 hours called “So You Want to Conquer the World…”  Stay tuned!